Canada's Electoral Bodies

Find out more about your provincial or territorial Electoral Management Body:

Click here for more information on provincial, territorial and municipal elections or visit your provincial or territorial website above. Please note that some websites may provide information in only one official language.

Provincial and Territorial Civic Education Materials

Looking for civic education materials specific to your province or territory? Below is a list of educational resources offered by some of Canada's provincial and territorial Electoral Management Bodies.

Elections Prince Edward Island – School Election Tool Kit (PDF document)

This School Election Tool Kit introduces children in Grade 5 classes and youth groups to the basic principles of a provincial election.

Elections Nova Scotia – Youth Page

You're never too young (or too old!) to learn how elections work in Nova Scotia. Visit Elections Nova Scotia to find information kits for teachers, student voting information, the Run-Vote-Win elections game and the Growing Great Citizens page.

Directeur général des élections du Québec (DGEQ) – Young Voters

The Young Voters area (in French only) offers you a description of the educational activities and teaching materials available to elementary and secondary schools, colleges and student associations.

Elections Ontario – Youth

Visit Elections Ontario to find information kits for teachers, information for first-time voters and students, and the We Make Voting Easy area.

Elections Manitoba

  • CitizenNext is a project created to promote awareness of democracy and encourage participation in elections among young people and their families. The project includes a website with information, games and activities for children, parents and educators, as well as a public information campaign that invites parents to bring their children with them when they vote.
  • Your Power to Choose is a new, integrated education program developed by Elections Manitoba with valuable input from education professionals. The program includes a curriculum guide with hands-on activities, in-class workshops and resources for running student elections.

Elections Saskatchewan – Youth Edition

Elections Saskatchewan's Youth Edition area provides information for youth to become informed, involved and active in democracy. The Classroom Resource section provides teachers with lesson plans on democracy.

Elections Alberta – Education Section

Elections Alberta's mission is to inspire and engage participation in the democratic process. Materials are provided to social studies teachers to support the grades 6, 9 and 12 curricula, which encompass the principles of democracy and citizenship.

Elections British Columbia – Students And Youth

The Students & Youth section of Elections British Columbia is meant to help students and teachers get involved and provide them with important information. It explains how elections work and offers answers to some common election-related questions. It also includes education kits for teachers.

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