National Democracy Challenge 2015 – Promotional Video


National Democracy Challenge promo video

National Democracy Challenge promo video


Voting is a part of our everyday lives; we rely on voting to make choices all the time – at school, online, for tv contests…

And this year, all Canadians 18 years old and older will be able to vote in the federal election.

Not 18 yet?

If you are a Canadian between the ages of 14 and 17, and bursting with creativity…

Show Canadians how to get ready to vote through the National Democracy Challenge. You could win a prize!

It's easy!

Submit an image, video or piece of writing that illustrates this year's theme.

Then, our judges will choose three winners for each category.

For contest rules and other ways to get involved, visit

The National Democracy Challenge is part of Canada's Democracy Week, an Elections Canada civic education initiative.

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