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Promote CDW2015

The fifth Canada's Democracy Week will be launched in 50 days, running from September 14 to 21, 2015, with the theme “Let's get Canada ready to vote!”

#CDW2015 targets young Canadians under the voting age. It offers hands-on activities designed to encourage a greater awareness and understanding of Canada's democracy and the role that youth under 18 have to play in it.

Check out the list of suggestions on the Get involved: Support and promote, announce, and organize page on our website. Help us promote #CDW2015!

Welcome CDW2015 Partners

Forum for Young CanadiansEncounters With CanadaCanadian Museum for Human Rights

Canada's Democracy Week is honoured to partner with three great organizations for this year's flagship activity, the National Democracy Challenge.

Forum for Young Canadians, Encounters With Canada and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights are all offering educational trips to winners of this year's Challenge. Learn more about the Challenge and these great opportunities for participants on our website.

New Voters

New Voters

Getting ready to vote for the first time in the 2015 federal election? Visit elections.ca for everything you need to know about exercising you voting rights.

The My Voter's Guide answers many questions about voting in a federal election, including:

To order extra copies, other formats (such as Braille) or other languages, please call Elections Canada at 1-800-463-6868 or TTY 1-800-361-8935.

Did you know?

Did You Know

There will be 338 ridings in the 2015 general election.
Here are a few interesting facts about the new ridings.

  • The largest riding is Nunavut, which covers 2,093,190 km2.
  • The smallest riding is Toronto Centre, covering 6 km2.
  • The riding with the fewest voters is Nunavut, with 16,515 residents.
  • The riding with the most voters is Niagara Falls, with 99,014 residents.
  • The average number of registered voters per riding is 72,747.

For all the details about your riding for the 2015 general election, visit Maps and Descriptions for the Next General Election.

Be prepared to vote in 2015

Where, when and the ways

Elections Canada is the official source of information about where, when and the ways to vote.

Social media

Follow Elections Canada on Twitter @ElectionsCan_E for information about where, when and the ways to vote.

Online registration

Check or update your registration now at elections.ca/registration.

If you are registered at your current address, you are ready to vote. You will get:

  • a personalized voter card telling you where and when to vote; and
  • faster service at the polling station.

Call to teachers: Register your school in the Student Vote 2015 Program!

Want to get your students involved in the 2015 federal election?

With Student Vote 2015, organized by CIVIX, students participate in a parallel election and vote for actual election candidates using authentic election materials.

Registration is now open.
Register your school today!

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