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Canada's Democracy Week 2016

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In December 2010, a group of Elections Canada's returning officers from across Canada met in Ottawa to crowdsource how Elections Canada could better reach out to Canadians. One idea that emerged was Canada's Democracy Week, dedicated to engaging Canadians about democracy.

Further inspired by the United Nations' International Day of Democracy (September 15), Elections Canada launched its inaugural Canada's Democracy Week in September 2011.

Today, Canada's Democracy Week informs, engages and connects Canadians with the democratic process through a series of in-person and online activities as well as resources and programming for teachers to use in their schools.

The Theme

The theme for Canada's Democracy Week 2016 (CDW2016) is "Teaching democracy: Let's talk teacher needs."

CDW2016 will start a conversation with in-service and pre-service teachers to understand what tools they need to build their interest and confidence in teaching civics in a time of change.

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Are you a teacher, youth leader or civic engagement organization planning your own CDW2016 event? Send us an email with your event information and a link to your website. We'll post them on our website and social media channels. Please note that events must be non-partisan.

Take a look at the CDW2016 toolkit for other ways to be part of the week.

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