Crowdsourcing CDW2015


Who would be a great judge for #NDC2015?

We're crowdsourcing ideas for judges for the National Democracy Challenge. Tell us on Twitter or Facebook or by e-mail who you want to judge the videos, images/artworks and texts that Canadian youth create for this year's Challenge. We'll be announcing the judges later this summer!

Who do you want to hear from as a Guest Blogger?

Know of youth who live, breathe and inspire democratic and civic engagement? Encourage them to blog for us! Be part of #CDW2015 and tell us who you think we should be in touch with. Check out the details on the Guest Bloggers' Series to find out more.

Don't miss the 2015 election resources

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National Democracy Challenge 2015

National Democracy Challenge

The National Democracy Challenge is back!

Youth aged 14 to 17 can submit a video, image or short essay to answer this year’s Challenge. Set a reminder in your smartphone to check this website on August 17 to find out how we will challenge Canadian youth this year!

Are you registered to vote?

Are you registered to vote?

Check your federal voter registration

To vote, you need to be registered. Check, update or complete your registration using our Online Voter Registration Service. It is easy and will save you time when you go vote.

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Student Vote 2015

Student Vote

Engage your students in the 2015 federal Elections Canada

A great way to participate in Canada's Democracy Week 2015: register your school to participate in Student Vote, Canada's largest civic education program, by CIVIX. Students will participate in an authentic voting experience during the 2015 federal election. Register now at

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